Getting Started

The Wills Registry, maintained by Singapore Academy of Law, is a non-mandatory confidential Registry where testators (people making a will) or their solicitors can deposit information on wills.

The service was taken over from Public Trustee's Office (Minlaw) with effect from 4 May 2020.

We currently do not keep the actual will or a copy of the will in our Registry.

The following information is kept in the Wills Registry:

  1. Details of the person making the will i.e. testator;
  2. Date of the will;
  3. Details of the person who drew up the will; and
  4. Details of where the will is held.

To deposit a will record or to search for a will record with the Wills Registry, you will need to access our online form by logging in to our website.
*Fee - Will Deposit $50/per submission & Will Search $10/per submission

Need Help With Your Will Matters?

You can refer to the directory listing on the Wills Registry website for a listing of the lawyers who are able to provide advice on Wills, Probate and Estate Administration, and other related matters.

Wills Registry User Guide
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